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Support two great charities by contributing towards the publishing of this excellent book.

Lifelines – an anthology of Angling Stories. Crowdfunder.co.uk

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected all of our lives.  Loved ones have passed away, others lost their jobs and many have suffered physical and/or mental hardships.

We really wanted something positive to come from these dark days. To somehow make a difference.  Both Rod and I are passionate, lifelong anglers and we had the seed of an idea to produce an angling book; something that would afford a glimmer of light during these dark days.

Not the normal run of the mill “how to catch” or “look at what I’ve caught” style of fishing book.  We envisaged a collection of short stories, all based around angling but more as a theme rather than the sole purpose.

This book is an anthology of musings, reflections, adventures, humorous capers and fictional indulgencies.  We have called the book ‘Lifelines’ because it so aptly describes what angling has been for so many people and how we as anglers can offer a lifeline to those less fortunate.  

Some of the stories contained in this book highlight how deeply angling has acted as a spiritual and healing catalyst for many.  Both mental and physical scars can and have been alleviated by the pursuit of angling and it has offered so many people a road back to a much better and happier place. 

Our line up of authors includes titans of the angling world as well as internationally renowned authors, presenters, entertainers, journalists, film makers, professionals and of course regular, everyday people.  What connects them all is a strong bond; a lifelong passion for angling:

Paul Whitehouse

Luke Jennings 

Chris Yates

Hugh Miles

Charles Rangeley-Wilson

Dr Andy Orme

Martin James MBE

Dave Steuart

Chris Ball

Lisa Wilson

Martin Salter

Magnus Irvin

Terry Theobald

Dom Garnett

Stewart Allum

Peter Cockwill

Richard Baker

Lars Christensen

David Kiely

Russ Smith

Clem Booth

Vic Gent

Geoff Maynard

Nicolas Walmsley

Jay Roberts

Rod Sturdy

Nathan Walter

Fennel Hudson

The forward has been compiled by our good friend John Bailey.  As an internationally acclaimed author, journalist, presenter and broadcaster, no one could have written a more fitting forward than John.  His words really set the scene from the word go.  He is a craftsman and wordsmith and one of the finest anglers to have lived.

The book includes a very candid and humorous piece from Lisa Wilson, daughter of the UK’s best known and much loved angling presenter; the late Mr John Wilson MBE.  Although the angling world is a much poorer place with John’s passing, his memory is kept alive by his daughter Lisa, who now heads the John Wilson Fishing Enterprise.  A fitting tribute to the great man.

The book will be published by the family run Stockwell Publishers, based in Devon.  They have been producing quality books since 1898.  The book will be available in either paperback or hardback editions.

In all there are 27 stories and one poem, accompanied by some wonderful hand drawn illustrations.  We are extremely fortunate to have some very talented and gifted people producing artwork for us;

Chris Turnbull

David Miller

James Hague

Pete Wilson

Josh Fisher

Graham Tibbs

Stuart Allum

All Proceeds from this book will go to charity.  The money will be split 50/50 between The John Wilson Fishing Enterprise and The Royal Marsden Covid-19 Appeal.  Both of these charities are very special.  

The aim of the John Wilson Fishing Enterprise is to promote mental health as a key objective, particularly for children and adults who fall under the social care umbrella. Its emphasis is to provide fishing opportunities and the chance to connect with the outdoors and provide therapy through the art of fishing.  The fishery is located within a nature reserve and this opens up the opportunity of combining fishing with nature walks, as the two are so intrinsically linked in our opinion.

Lisa Wilson, who is a Level 2 Professional Social Worker told us “attendees are monitored by qualified social workers who are on hand to cover the usual processes and to conduct observational assessments”.   

We probably all know someone who has been affected by cancer and The Royal Marsden Cancer Hospitals have done so much for kids with cancer as well as adult patients alike. The General Fund has been set up to help support cancer research, staff, both Royal Marsden Hospitals and cancer patients through these uncertain and difficult times. Having seen them in action when my nephew Conor was treated, they were just amazing.  They are truly wonderful people.  I need say no more. 

Both Rod and I feel incredibly privileged to have accumulated such a wonderful, talented group of writers and illustrators to make this project possible.  We cannot thank them enough.  

Now we need YOUR help.  Everyday anglers, friends and colleagues that can make a difference and enable this project to realise its full potential. 

Please try and help us fund the printing of this book.  Anything you can give will help.  Those that can donate £100 will receive a complimentary copy of the book and will also be acknowledged as generous benefactors within the book’s credits.

There will be unpaid, independently appointed accountants to inspect all transactions and audit the books, so that you can be safe in the knowledge that every possible penny will go to our two worthwhile charities, minus only printing related costs and of course fees to Crowdfunder.

Thank you for your support.

Nathan Walter

Rod Sturdy

Lifelines – an Anthology of Angling Stories. – Crowdfunder.co.uk

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