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Lifelines Update

Both Rod and I are delighted to announce that our book ‘Lifelines’ has been selling better than expected. We produced 500 copies (300 hardback and 200 paperback). There are only about 100 copies left, which is tremendous considering the launch was late December 2021.

The good news is that this success has generated a significant revenue; all of which has already been passed on to our two chosen good causes; The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity and The John Wilson Fishing Enterprise.

Also, we have submitted our accounts to our auditors so they can sign them off. We will of course keep you updated on that progress.

In brief I can at least give you some idea of what the finances look like;

Total raised from Crowdfunding minus the Crowdfunder.co.uk fees totalled  £6468.97

Our initial costs came to £5,823.43, leaving us a credit of £645.54.

We received 194 copies of the book to sell at the book launch and to fulfil the crowdfunder promotional deal (where anyone prescribing to the promotion received a free hardback copy of the book).

We have sold out of physical copies and this generated an additional sum of £2,654.46.

This created a total of £3,300.000, once the balance of the crowdfunding monies were added to the total. This money was then split equally between our two beneficiaries.

Since then, we have received a further £1964.88 in royalties from our wholesaler (Arthur H Stockwell). This has also been transferred to our chosen good causes and they received £982.44 each.

Rod and I would like to thank all those good people that have purchased a copy or two. We hope you have enjoyed the stories and marvelled at the artwork. A reminder that without the dedication and selfless support of the authors and artists, this project would not have been possible; so thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

Rod and I are now looking at alternative means of taking the book forward, so we can generate income for these two enterprises for many years to come. We hope to have a second run of books (including leather bound limited editions) and we are also looking into producing a audio book version.

We will be running an auction at some point where we have one master copy of our book signed by every contributor and a hand drawn illustration of Chris Yates signed by the very talented artist (Pete Wilson) and Chris. This is a one off piece and we have already received an offer of £250!

As soon as the auditors have completed their work I will post in detail the results.

We will also be visiting Lisa Wilson at her project headquarters in Norfolk, to see how your money is being put to good use; helping those with mental health issues by introducing them to our great sport. The therapeutic benefits of angling and nature has finally received national recognition as a therapy; something we have always known of course!

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