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Andy Frances kindly gave the green light to me arranging a grayling fish-in for the guys on BFW.  A good, central location was needed and so Britford on the Hampshire Avon at Salisbury was selected.  We just had to hope the weather was kind to us and that the river conditions would suit our target species.

Luckily the weather was good and river conditions were excellent.  Sadly on the day a very cold, strong wind made things a little tricky but certainly didn’t deter those that attended.

The idea was for me to arrive at Britford around 7am and prepare the teas and coffees for the attendees.  Of course these things always have to have some degree of disaster and so it was, through bad planning on my part, that we didn’t arrive until 8am!!  Still a few remained for a cuppa, whilst the others headed off to start their campaign.

We had a reasonable attendance, with around 15 of us.  The cream of the crop you might say.  Then again you might not!  It was good to see some familiar faces and meet a few new ones.  That’s the great thing with these sort of days.  You can put names to faces and create a much more friendly atmosphere on the forums.

Stuart Wilson was on hand to take our money, oh and give help and advice to those that wanted it.  He’s an absolute star and couldn’t have been more helpful and I’ve got a bottle of malt whisky to give him the next time we meet, well if I haven’t ‘enjoyed’ it by then.

So we all headed off to target the grayling or roach or chub or dace, whichever you wanted or ended up with.  Reports kept coming throughout the day from different sources.  It was proving to be tough, probably due to the cold, strong wind making float presentation difficult.

Before I’d even left the carp park young Mt Tucker (chubby to his friends, although I can’t think why) was into a pike on the dead bait gear.  It turned out to be a feisty jack of about 6lbs.  I headed off upstream to feeder fish the carrier, hoping for a few roach.  Sadly I gave up as the tip was just bouncing around all over the place and it was almost impossible to detect a bite.  So I headed off to the main river and started to catch pretty much straight away.  Wading does make a big difference here as you can target the runs that are difficult to fish from the bank.  So I ended up with 10 grayling to maybe 12/13 oz, 25-30 dace to maybe 8 or 9 ounces and a chub of around 2.8lbs.

On returning to the carp park we all gathered to share the successes and stories of the day.  Ian T ended the day with 4 pike to 11½lbs and Crooky a couple of jacks and some grayling and bits on the float.  It sounded like pretty much everyone had a good day with the likes of Medway Kev taking 13 trout to 4lbs (ish).  Perhaps the days top rod award should go to Graham Elliott who we all know is a barbel angling God and proved his angling skills by taking 5 good chub and a roach of  1½lbs.  Sadly though he lost a very big roach, which fell off the hook whilst heading to the net, as they have a habit of doing unfortunately.  He estimated it to be about 2½lbs.  I think it was Steve Sorrell that had over 90 dace including some very good fish too.

So we headed off to the Bull Inn at Downton for a pint (courtesy of Mark Nicholls, what a gent) and a bite to eat.  The usual fishing banter ensued, perhaps a little lighthearted mickey taking but above all a nice end to what was a really enjoyable day.

So a big thanks to all those that took part and in particular to Andy Frances of Barbel Fishing World.  Oh and to Keith Speer for proving he is human after all 🙂

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