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With only two days left to go, I had hoped that a late surge might put me close to Kev’s tally.  How wrong could I be?!  On Thursday we headed to the Wye.  It was a beat that had fished well when the river was up, however now it was at normal summer level and still reasonably mild.

Despite wandering from one end to the other I could barely muster a bite.  Meanwhile both Kevin and Geoff managed a few grayling.  I seemed to be doing well on the minnow front and that was about it for me.  However it even died for the maestros, so it was time for a move.  We packed up and headed back to the Irfon.

It wasn’t too long before we were waist deep in those cold, clear waters of the river.  Again I opted to wade down river in an effort to check out the depths.  It was pretty much even all the way down; around 2’6″ to maybe 3′, with the odd short, deeper run.  However I could only seem to find the odd grayling or two.  Meanwhile Kev was yet again slaying the fish. He ended up with several up to 2lb 5oz which turned out to be the same fish as the one I caught the day before!

Geoff also struggled a little here but not quite as much as me I think.  Still I did end up with a bonus big chub of around 5lbs, which put up a tremendous fight in the flow.  Later Kevin also had a nice 4lb+ chub to go with his burgeoning tally of grayling.

The fishing really died later on and we called it a day.

The following day saw us back on the Wye.  It was going to be a shortish session of around 4-5 hours.  Despite my best efforts I struggled for fish.  I managed a few to about 1lb 8oz but it was an effort.  Kevin of course had become a bagging machine.  I think he ended up with close to 30 on that last day, which meant he ended up with around 90-100 grayling over the four days.  Geoff also had a reasonable day and ended his few days with close to 60 fish and I bought up the rear with a meagre 35 grayling.

Ah well, you can’t win em all 🙂  Well done boys.

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