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This is a detailed instruction on the removal of the ball bearings in a Bob James centrepin reel and has been kindly compiled by Geoff Parmenter.  Thanks Geoff.

The bearings are just a push fit into the bearing housing and no heat or extraction tools will be required.
1. Remove spool from reel
2. Remove circlip ‘A’ using circlip pliars or thin nosed pliars
3. Pull off the gear ‘B’ easing it over the small locating pin
4. Remove the thin ‘O’ ring ‘C’
5. Unscrew and remove the locking collar ‘D’ by inserting a small screwdriver blade in the gap in the collar and pushing in an anti-clockwise direction until it is fully unscrewed.
6. The outside bearing ‘F’ should then just come out with a few taps on the palm of your hand and the spacing bush ‘G’ will probably come with it.

7. Unscrew and remove the small brass end float screw ‘E’ from the opposite end of the spool.
8. To remove the inner bearing ‘H’, insert a narrow probe (I found a small Allen key was ideal) into the hole exposed by the removal of the end float screw and gently push the edges of the bearing until it is far enough up the bearing housing to allow it to be tapped out as for the outer bearing.
Note: the probe/allen key needs to be narrow enough to be angled in the hole towards the outside of the bearing before pushing commences otherwise you may damage the bearing shields which may cause the bearing to bind. Push at various points around the circumference of the bearing to ensure the bearing is removed evenly. If the outer bearing and spacing bush did not come out easily, you should be able to push all three out at the same time using this method. Some penetrating fluid may help if they are particularly stubborn but none was needed in my case. 
Replacement order is the reverse of the above. When replacing the bearings, use the spacing bush to push the inner bearing to the end of the housing and then insert the outer bearing.
Bob James centrepin

Bob James centrepin

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I have received a call from a friend who is selling the Fox Bob James Signature Centrepin, on behalf of Bob James himself.  These are selling for the extraordinary price of just £140.00 plus £5.00 p&p, they normally retail at £299.00.

This is a genuine offer and my contact is a very close friend of Bob’s, so nothing underhand or dodgy here.

If you are interested, please email me for contact details.  The reels will be provided with a certificate of authenticty and signed by Bob himself.  He will also include any personal notes to the purchaser, if required.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to grab a fantastic bargain from a true angling legend.


Here’s a bit more detail on the reels in question:


Angling legend Bob James has been working with Fox’s team of in-house CAD-designers to engineer a centrepin that combines amazing performance with typically traditional good looks.

The Bob James Signature Centrepin was born, a reel that combines the latest engineering techniques, top quality materials and know-how from one of the UK’s best anglers to offer unrivalled performance.

There are only 1,000 of these reels in production, so make sure you get hold of a piece of history.

The reel works with two high quality, low friction bearings that produce super smooth performance. You can blow on the spool and watch it rotate indefinitely such is the amazing engineering! This means that when fishing the centrepin on a running water you can literally let the power of the water pull line from the reel, improving your rig presentation and ultimately leading to more fish in your net!

The handles are removable, it has an adjustable drag, quick release spool and a special no bump knot line fixing. It has a five inch lightweight, machined spool.

Key features include:
• 2 high quality, low friction bearings
• Removable handles
• Adjustable drag
• Quick release spool
• Lightweight machined aluminium backplate
• Lightweight machined aluminium 5” spool
• Fully vented spool and backplate
• Special no bump knot line fixing
• Gold laser etched graphics
• Neoprene storage pouch
• Individually numbered
• Fox authenticity certificate, signed and numbered by Bob James

Fox Bob James Signature Centrepin

These are £299.00 everywhere on the web so this is a real chance to own a genuine piece of centrepin history…


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