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I am delighted to announce that I have joined Team Pallatrax.  Pallatrax are a growing company.  They are incredibly innovative and forward thinking.  It’s products like their Dried Naturals and Hidra range that highlight just how much these guys are market leaders when it comes to  innovative and imaginative products.   Add to that an incredible and thoroughly tested range of boilies, pellets, glugs and sprays and it isn’t difficult to see why they are expanding so rapidly.

The Stonze is a remarkable success story in it’s own right.  They have produced a product that is virtually undetectable by fish and unique in the world of angling.  The product is Internationally patented and award winning and we’ll be seeing a lot more world wide focus on these over the coming seasons I’m sure.  The other tremendous benefit of the Stonze is that they are environmentally friendly, which takes some doing in this day and age!

I haven’t even touched on their impressive range of terminal tackle either.  Pallatrax’s ‘The Hook’ has been around now for a couple of seasons and has proven to be a solid, dependable hook even in the most extreme conditions.  I’ve been using them for some time and they are an exceptional hook and in a great range of sizes too, not just big.  Of course that’s the tip of the iceberg really, they have so much more to offer than just hooks.

Check out the Pallatrax website for a full range of products and some brilliant videos with Simon Pomeroy, highlighting some of the great bait ideas they have come up with.  It really is an eye opener.  Roach and chub here I come!

Pallatrax Catch more fish - Logo on black


Then of course there is the Lone Angler range of products that hit the market recently.  Lone Angler is a sister company of Pallatrax and comes under the Pallatrax umbrella.  Headed by that barbel catching God Trefor West, you know that the range has been thoroughly field tested and made to the very highest standards.


So I’m really looking forward to experimenting with baits and the Stonze system over the coming months.  I’ve already got a hundred and one ideas swirling around in my head!  I can’t wait to get out and start utilising some of these superb products.

My thanks go to Simon Pomeroy and the Mad Hatter himself Jez Brown for bringing me into the fold.  Cheers guys.

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