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I decided to make the most of this amazing run of mild weather and head to Fishers Green on the Lea.  I was geared up for barbel but at this venue I am more than happy to catch a few chub, such are the size of the fish here.

I arrived about 2.30pm and went for a wander in the hazy sunshine.  It was a beautiful day and was 15c when I arrived.  The decent weather had bought a few anglers out and several areas that I had in mind were already taken.  I opted to walk up above the Baily bridge and dropped into a swim that has produced for me before.  However with the river being considerably down level wise, this swim wasn’t as deep as I seemed to recall.  However due to the popularity of the venue today, I decided to stick it out and enjoy this unseasonably good weather.

The Lea

I swapped around with baits a bit.  Having fished for the first few hours with maggots, I fished the last hour and a bit with boilie.  Sadly all to no avail as the tip didn’t even twitch.  So I couldn’t even tempt a crayfish!

Next season I intend to fish here a bit more, especially in the winter months. I’ll try and do 1 night a week.  So I left at around 8.15pm and just as I was approaching the main gate I saw a small Muntjack deer by the roadside, which made up for blanking a bit at least.

The Lea

The Lea

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